Wednesday, 18 May

Transport as a catalyst for inclusive societies

Opening Plenary

The Opening Plenary will address what inclusion means beyond the transport sector. Using the wider principles of inclusion as a starting point, it will dive into the role of transport in providing equal access to social and economic activities for all, promoting equity and sustainable economic growth. It will also explore the types of policies necessary to ensure environmentally sustainable and equitable distribution of goods due to increase in e-commerce worldwide.

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Thursday, 19 May

Better collaboration for greater inclusion

The Second Plenary will consider the ways the interface of transport policies with health, housing, education, environmental and land use policies can promote communities that are more inclusive. It will address the challenges in designing integrated mobility policies that promote inclusive economic growth, while asking if inclusive mobility can be the vector to empower communities for more cross-sectoral collaboration.

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Friday, 20 May

Inclusive planning and design for healthier cities

The Third Plenary will focus on how cities and mobility systems can be designed to include all and promote healthier lifestyles and greener cities. The panel will look into how urban spaces, infrastructure and transport systems can be made more appealing, comfortable and efficient, and the critical importance of safe and secure systems to accessibility and inclusive mobility.

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