Become a Summit Partner

The Annual Summit is an ideal opportunity for any organisation or company to raise its profile and showcase products, services and initiatives to a high-level global audience. It is a platform to engage with a broad range of stakeholders - business, civil society, academia and media.  

  • Become a Summit Sponsor: The Summit is a platform that enables you to reach out to top decision makers. The event will connect your brand with some of the most influential organisations and leaders in the transport sector and beyond. Recent Summit Sponsors and Partners include: AGES, AXILION, BMW, Bombardier, Dekra, Deutsche Bahn, DHL, FIA, Michelin, NXP, Simply, Saxony, Toll Collect, Turkish Airlines and Valeo, among others.
  • Become a Summit Exhibitor: Every year, more than 50 organisations, including companies, ministries, professional associations and civil society, take the opportunity to showcase their products, services, and initiatives in the Summit exhibition. Exhibitors use the Summit for product launches, demonstrations or media events to reach out to Summit participants.

For more information, please contact Elodie Cadeau at elodie.cadeau@itf-oecd.org.