2022 Summit vision

The 2022 Summit will explore how innovative technologies and business models in transport can enable social inclusion while also promoting sustainable economic growth. The discussions will focus on current and emerging issues relevant to inclusive transport, including the physical and social dimensions of accessibility, new mobility, and promoting resilience and equity within the transport labour market.

The Summit programme will cover all modes of transport across diverse geographic levels highlighting the importance of inter-sectoral cooperation and multi-level governance. The context of the COVID-19 crisis and recovery measures will feature prominently in the discussions as we consider the disproportionate impact of transport and mobility-related disruptions on society’s most vulnerable groups and communities.

The 2022 Summit programme focuses on five themes:

1. Fostering access for all

2. Promoting access to economic activities

3. Ensuring an open and inclusive transport labour market

4. Improving transport's impact on health, safety and security

5. Designing governance frameworks for inclusive transport