Full Name

Jaehak Oh

Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)

Dr Oh is the president of Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) since 2017. KOTI is the national transport research institute under the Office of the Prime Minister. At present, Dr Oh is the president of EASTS (East-Asian Society of Transportation Studies) and also serving as a Steering Committee member of WCTR-Society. Dr Oh graduated Department of Industrial Engineering at Seoul National University in 1980 and obtained his PhD degree in Transport Studies at University College London in 1990.

During the last 30 years at KOTI, Dr Oh has managed more than 70 of KOTI’s transport and logistics research projects. From 2006 to 2011, He was the project manager of the national R&D, “Transport Connectivity and Transfer Technology Development”. He has played a key role in innovating transport systems for carbon-neutral, implementing public transport oriented policies and formulating national transport infrastructure plans for the Korean government. In recent years, Dr Oh plays a leading role in conducting national R&D projects for mobility transformation of automation, electrification, car sharing and integration.

Regulating for inclusive access: lessons for transport from the pandemic
Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 16:30 18.00