Republic of Estonia: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is in charge of Estonian transport policy. Our main focus for the upcoming decades is the green transition, especially in cities, and to move towards the goal of climate neutrality. We aim to make public transport more convenient, faster and more accessible, and use integrated planning, digitisation and smarter travel and ticketing arrangements. We support improvements to the cycling and walking infrastructure, offering improved mobility and ease of use.

In infrastructure development, we follow the logic of integrated transport corridors, plan the infrastructure with multimodality, national defence needs and internal security considerations. We will increase the speed and safety of rail and create new connections to increase the use of rail as an environmentally friendly mode of transport, and direct both passenger and freight traffic from road to rail.

We strive to turn our maritime transport sector greener and multimodal with environmentally friendly facilities and services in ports and maritime logistics chains. In the aviation sector and aircraft maintenance business, we will introduce new technologies, with the aim of reducing the footprint of the aviation sector and increasing the competitiveness of the national economy.