Global Transport and the War in Ukraine: Ministers meet at ITF 2022 Summit
Ukraine Minister interviewed by German National Television ARD at ITF Summit
Ukraine Minister Kubrakov Poland's State Secretary Bittel
Oleksandr Kubrakov hears reactions from global transport ministers to the war in Ukraine
Ukraine's Oleksandr Kubrakov greets Simonetta Sommaruga from Switzerland
Young Tae-Kim updates ministers on the Ukraine war's impacts on ITF member countries' transport systems
Benedict Janich and Volker Wissing preparing for the Ministers Roundtable on Global Transport and the War in Ukraine
Hildegard Naughton prepares the Ukraine debate with Claire Finn
Andrei Spînu iand Ina Angheliuc ahead of the debate on Global Transport and the War in Ukraine
Pete Buttigieg with Minna Kivimäki ahead of the Ministers Roundtable on "Global Transport and the War in Ukraine"
Impacts of the war in Ukraine under discussion at ITF Summit