An electric truck is among the transport innovations on display at the Summit exhibition.
Changgi Lee and Asuka Ito exchange ideas at the FIA stand
Demonstrations take place at in the exhibition hall during the Summit
Andrew Dushkes speaks with a Summit participant at the United States' stand
Philip Van Den Bosch, Florence Albert and Joo Hyun Ha are proud of the work done at the International Union of Railways
Lucas Mocek speaks with Summit participants at the Germany stand
Summit goer drives a tram simulator at the Saxony stand
Marine Domingo Monsonis, Miguel Caso Florez, Miguel Angel Pesquera, Josep Fortuny and Mercè Rius at the PIARC stand
An electric TIER scooter waits for its next test ride in front of the Netherlands' stand
Painters decorate an electric bus ahead of the "Zero Emission Vehicles Transition Council" event
Summit goers watch a demonstration of Cleveron's autonomous delivery vehicle Clevon
Demonstration of Autonomous Emergency Braking
Mohammad Rafiuddin and Kouira Issam speak with Summit participants
Summit participants share stories at the United Kingdom's stand
A tram simulator at the Saxony stand
Summit goer drives a tram simulator at the Saxony stand
Summit participants speak with ITF staff at the Summit stand
Hyunse Lee, Seokwoo Lee, Esther Jeohn and Rachel Yoon ready to welcome guests at the AutoCrypt stand
Nico Anten, Margot Daris, Merel Zuiderduin and Jos Sluijsmans give their approval at the Netherlands' stand
Exhibitor provides Summit particiapants with pamphlets on Estonia's transport efforts
Benoît Lebot welcomes Summit participants at France's stand
Summit goers at the United Kingdom's stand
Summit goer at the city of Leipzig's stand
Exhibitors at the Morocco stand welcome Summit goers with enthusiasm
Summit participants share a coffee outside the PIARC stand
Seokwoo Lee watches a demonstration in the exhibition hall