Germany: Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Within the Saxon State Government, the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport has the task to prepare Saxony’s infrastructure for the future. Saxony is a federal State with great economic, technological and social capabilities. Therefore a good transport infrastructure and efficient mobility services play a crucial role. This year, the motto of the ITF Summit addresses a number of important questions in Saxony´s transport sector. Networks are arguably a central issue of transport. Different conditions in rural and urban areas require closely linked transport systems. Individual vehicles, necessary in rural areas, are linked to growing problems in cities, like air pollution, safety and life quality questions. Integrated networks of personal and goods transport are required for the growing demands of mobility in the future. New mobility solutions are developing with new technologies - innovative, integrative, intelligent. It is important to test the various mobility solutions in normal traffic on all road categories and across all modes of transport on digital test fields. The Saxon State government supports the projects in this area.