Transport technology at the service of society


20 May
09:00 to 10:30
Hall 2, Level +1

New transport technologies are set to change the transport sector rapidly; this session will explore the opportunities and challenges in their adoption. It will explore the societal benefits of the shift to electric mobility, and the policy measures needed to ensure an inclusive transition. It will explore how shared mobility, mobility as a service (MaaS) and autonomous vehicles can accelerate the adoption of technologies and facilitate efficient transport across all sectors of society.

- How can transport technologies benefit societies? How can they impact the decisions we make in transport? What are the benefits of new technologies on the environment?

- How can the transition to electric vehicles benefit society both economically and environmentally? What actions can stimulate their adoption, and what are the risks involved?

- How can new vehicle ownership models such as shared and autonomous vehicles benefit society? What measures can ensure they are inclusive?

- How can new digital information systems complement these new mobility modes and improve today’s transport systems?



Connie Llanos

Chief of Staff and Strategy & Assistant General Manager

Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Laura E. Williamson

Director, Membership and Institutional Partnerships


Hyunse Lee

VP of Autocrypt Technologies GmbH


Joost Vantomme



Transport technology at the service of society