Transport for Inclusive Societies: A Gender Perspective

Stakeholders’ Networking Lunch co-organised by ITF and UITP

Networking Event

20 May
12:30 to 14:00
MPA3, Level 0
  • Lunchtime Session

The International Transport Forum’s (ITF) Summit is a key moment for the international transport community to discuss commitments to existing and new policy frameworks for more inclusive and sustainable transport systems. The Summit provides a unique opportunity to bring together all voices regarding inclusion in transport, notably questions related to gender equality.

To highlight the importance of gender equality in transport, the ITF launched a series of discussions on this issue at the 2015 ITF Summit, providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to promote their initiatives, exchange best practices, and ultimately enhance greater gender equality in the sector. In 2019, the ITF and its stakeholders held a special session on “Leading the change towards greater diversity in transport”.

Again this year, the ITF and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) will invite all transport stakeholders to a special networking lunch session that will highlight diverse initiatives developed under women’s leadership that have transformed how we think about and use transport. We would like to feature women’s contributions that have enhanced safety, brought innovative solutions, and increased the efficiency and sustainability of transport modes.


Sheila Watson

Deputy Director

FIA Foundation