Embracing digital technologies for more inclusive, sustainable, multimodal transport

Alstom, PTV Group & Uber

Official Side Event

19 May
09:00 to 10:30
Hall 5, Level +1

Since the start of the 21st century, an explosion of new technologies has dramatically changed the way people move about cities. From rideshare services and microtransit to carsharing, bikesharing complementing public transport networks, and transport journey and service planning, residents and visitors of cities around the world can now choose from an array of alternatives to driving a car.

But in many ways, this exciting mobility revolution fades the further one moves from a city centre. In many outlying neighborhoods, suburbs, and rural communities, driving by car remains the dominant form of mobility, as travelers typically have few alternatives. Therefore, travelers in these areas need a broader and more inclusive public transport offering, while new mobility services must be developed in partnership with and as a complement to public transport systems. Otherwise this reality may result in higher levels of congestion and carbon emissions, as well as inequitable mobility access for those who cannot or choose not to drive. 

How can mobility technologies extend the reach of urban transport ecosystems to areas and populations that are presently disconnected? This session—co-organised by Alstom, PTV Group and Uber—will address how technology can help deliver a more equitable, accessible and inclusive door-to-door transportation system for all citizens. It will examine how innovation in on-demand transportation, public transport journey and service planning, and mobility data can together compete with private car use in auto-oriented areas. The panelists will discuss challenges and present findings from a series of case studies demonstrating the ways in which the public sector can collaborate with private technology and data providers to create multimodal systems that are inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.


  • Dmitriy Vanchugov, Head of Partnerships, Uber Transit, Uber 
  • Stéphane Feray-Beaumont, Vice-President, Innovation and Smart Mobility, Alstom
  • Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, UITP
  • Eva Kreienkamp, CEO, BVG
  • Sofia Salek de Braun, Solution Director Traffic Safety PTV Group

Moderated by Sharon Masterson, Manager, Corporate Partnership Board, International Transport Forum