Bringing the goods to the people: efficient and sustainable delivery in and around the city


18 May
16:30 to 18:00


Hall 3, Level +1

The world population has boomed and transitioned from rural humankind to a predominantly urban one over the past century. While bringing people and activity together, urbanisation has also created geographical barriers between urban, peri-urban and rural areas, each putting people further away from the production of goods.

In addition, globalisation has increased the volume of goods exchanged worldwide, leading to an increased demand for commodity flows to the city. Nowadays, ensuring these large flows of goods to the city is critical for sustaining ever-larger urban areas and must happen with limited negative impacts. The already dense use of urban space combined with a need for promoting more liveable urban systems make this aim even more challenging.

The session will focus on accessibility, sustainability, inclusivity and policy action related to the challenge of bringing the goods to the people with perspectives from transport service providers, experts and policymakers:

- How can transport connectivity among city centres, peri-urban and rural areas promote more sustainable, localised production and consumption of goods?

- What are the ultimate impacts of these local production and consumption behaviours on transport decarbonisation?

- How can different modes of transport for deliveries help increase access and safety while optimising the use of urban space and reducing congestion to make cities more liveable for all?

- What are the necessary policies for better co-operation among small producers, local businesses and freight operators for a cleaner and safer delivery of goods in urban areas (curb management, cleaner, smaller and safer vehicles in cities)?


Kevin Kviblad



Claudia Adriazola-Steil

Global Urban Mobility Acting Director & Global Health & Road Safety Program Director

World Resources Institute (WRI)

Patrick Malléjacq

Secretary General

PIARC (World Road Association)

Jos Sluijsmans


International Cargo Bike Festival (ICBF) and Fietsdiensten.nl