We are Connekt

A triple-helix network where governments, private partners and knowledge institutes gather to organize smart collaborations that result in sustainable impact. We are an independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility. A healthy blend of knowledge, creativity and dynamism. And with more than 500 partners across the globe, we develop and implement tangible solutions that make the world a better place – ecologically and economically. 

Lean & Green: The European logistics community that is tackling CO2 emissions 

Lean & Green Europe is the leading program for sustainable logistics and smart mobility. More than 500 companies in eight European countries have already chosen Lean & Green to contribute towards the Paris climate goals. Our mission is to achieve 0% emissions through 100% collaboration. 

Smart Mobility Embassy: The world’s gateway to smart mobility in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is an advanced society with a successful economy and a highly complex transport infrastructure. It offers an optimized environment for the research, testing and deployment of the transformative mobility technologies that will define the future of mobility. The Smart Mobility Embassy acts as the source of knowledge, innovation, best practice and deployment options for Smart Mobility across the Netherlands.